Content Refocus and the Future of SysInfo/KompDiag

Sysinfo, which I 'rebranded' KompDiag, has been at a 1.0.0 state for some time and while it is quite functional in it's current state, I'm unlikely to add much more to it. Funny enough, the NTP servers it uses to generate a hash ran into issues and since there is no failsafe in the code, 1.0.0 will hang whenever it attempts to generate a hash. Fixing this and including a 'meta' section about what the user actually selected in the process is on the list of things to do, but that's probably where I will leave it. Version 1.0.1 will include a fix for the NTP servers and 1.1.0 will probably be the last major feature addition before I call the software 'done'.

A more interesting bit of news is what I intend to do with the site. Right now, it's sitting here as a platform for the various stuff I make with no real purpose than acting as a glorified FTP dumping ground for me. I'd like to restructure it into something I have a reason to update more often. Something I'll be working on before Overwatch launches is a minor redesign and a shift in focus. Instead of being a platform for KompDiag and my other stuff, it'll first be a place for me to write about my thoughts on games with a focus on the decisions and problems in Systems and Technical design. I'd like to do a weekly update, but I'd temper expectations and expect something closer to bi-weekly updates.

This entire site is also hand-made, which makes pivoting a little more complicated, so it'll probably be at least a few weeks before everything is in a place I'd like it to be -- If stuff is totally broken for a few days, that's kind of expected.